>What I learned from Gibo’s Narcissistic Picture (A Philosophical Reflection)

I think therefore I am for Gibo. I found this one on Carlos Celdran’s facebook photos (Celdran is the famous Intramuros tour guide and the “man who is trying to change the way people see Manila, one step at a time”). It’s from Rene Descartes famous Cogito Ergo Sum or “I think therefore I am”.

“I am” is to be understood in the context of existence. So rephrasing Descartes, it is to be understood as “I think therefore I exist.” It is in man’s nature “to think” so a man exists because he uses his faculty of thinking. What differentiates a man from an animal is his faculty of thinking (and freedom or free will).

Going back to Gilbert Teodoro. Yes he’s brilliant. And he has the balls to brag his “Galing at Talino”. He is mayabang because he has a ipagyayabang. But when he ceases to think, he ceases to be Gibo Teodoro. When he ceases to be “magaling at matalino”, he ceases to be the Gibo Teodoro we once knew.

In a bigger context, we Filipino voters, just like any other rational animals, are endowed with freedom and intellect. Use it. Rethink your vote. One vote can make a big difference for our country.

In the end, Gibo Teodoro is not the only rational animal who can think. We can all make a difference. Let us use the faculty of intellect and freedom and not degrade ourselves of being an irrational animal.



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