>Ang Likas na Katangahan ng Simbahan


Don’t get me wrong. I am not an a Satanist nor an Atheist. Though some people judged me as a having a potential of being one. You see, I was branded a radical and liberal by my former superiors (who happened to be Prayles,though not the Padre Damaso-types).

I am making this module/lesson plan for our Parish’s Sunday School. And the good old Manangs gave me this series of books as my guide. It’s actually a relief for me since I am lazy as a sloth to make my own (and it has been months or a year since I last taught basic Catechism to children – back when I was still in the seminary).

So here am I, making an outline and dividing the lessons into the days of our Sunday sessions. To tell you, it’s not that easy to make a module especially if it would be delivered to children 12 years of age and below. One has to carefully and precisely deliver the topic into the level of knowing of these children.

I was once a student and it pisses me when the professors/instructors deliver their lesson into their own level of thinking without considering the students. It’s a treason and a stupidity.

I was on the last part of making the module when I came across a particular topic. Perhaps, I was too sleepy, stressed and tired so I have typed “Ang Likas na Katangahan ng Simbahan” (The Natural Stupidity of the Church).

Holy Heavens!

Forgive me.

It should have been “Ang Likas na Katangian ng Simbahan” (The Natural Characteristics of the Church).

So never over work. It may lead into a disastrous, adverse, and terrible consequences (Or an apostasy or heresy in my case).

Take a rest.

Pamper yourself.


Even God rested after creating the world. So why won’t you?


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