>Better than Paramore


Since the buzz circulated in the blogosphere and the airwaves, I have prepared since November of last year to watch my favorite band Paramore. All for the love of my crush Hayley Williams. I have long laid my plans on going in that much-awaited concert of the year.

But there are those things that unexpectedly happen in our lives, compromising our well-prepared plans. As one of the famous dictum says, “Buti pa ang biglaang lakad, natutuloy. Ang planado, hindi.”

And they “interfered” with my date with Hayley Williams and the rest of the band.

You see, my Lolo Antonio suffered from stroke and is very sick. So I have to go to their place and take turns with my relatives to take care of him. All for the love of a grandson to his beloved grandfather.

And I believe that being with my grandfather is far better than singing, rocking, moshing and head banging with thousand of Paramore fans.

Also, I have to prepare for my series of talks.

I was invited to give a recollection to the graduating grade 6 students in public schools here in Los Baños. They want me to teach a thing or two to the students before they enter High School.

I love to give recollections to students because even though I am the facilitator, I also learn from them. And the mere fact that I have the responsibility to “influence” these youngsters is such a blessing.

I was also invited to give a talk to a group of rape victims somewhere here in Laguna.

Yes. You have read that right. RAPE VICTIMS. Women who were abused. Women who are suffering from emotional stress. Women who will forever have a mark of disgrace.

But moreso, women who are trying to stand up and face a new life.

And I will be so happy and blessed to be a part of their journey to healing and reconcillation.

I have sacrificed my date with Hayley Williams because i learned one thing.


To prioritize is to put first things first.

There may be some other time for me to rock out with Hayley Williams and the rest of Paramore. This is not just the proper time for me.

But I cannot miss this opportunity to be with my grandfather and to be with those people who need my help, guidance, support, and message.

Learn to prioritize. Put first things first. Learn to weigh things. Learn to differentiate wants from needs. Learn to make sacrifices.

For those who will go to the Paramore concert tomorrow, please say my love to Hayley Williams.

Enjoy and stay safe everyone. Good times. God bless!


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