Better Than Thou?

I am not really into this exaggerated, overrated, and too-much-to-become-a-national-issue Philippine showbiz scene. I just tune in to the boob tube to watch the educational, recreational, and substantial news and programs. I am neither a Kapuso nor a Kapamilya. I just tune in to their shows that I find worth watching.

But sometimes, I cannot but react to their way of giving us viewers the [quality] entertainment that we deserve.

The Kapamilya Network gave us this “Melason” craze – Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco – a tandem of two ordinary Filipinos whose love story was followed inside the Big Brother house. Yes, they may be “too masa and ordinary looking” and they may not have the “artista look” which is accepted by the society but there is this factor that gave them the stardom that both of them are now enjoying.

They are too natural. Their chemistry is based on their true feelings for each other and not on the stereotypical and “forced” notion of love team here in the Philippines. Hindi puwersahang ipinares sa isa’t-isa. They just did their part and the viewers loved and accepted them for that.

The Kapuso Network gave us this Marian Rivera-Dingdong Dantes tandem. At first, the Filipinos gave them a warm response when they first teamed up in “Marimar.” And then they were paired again. And again. And again. (Please repeat while fading). Gee! I’ve had enough!

You see, due to overexposure, their love team gets too consumed by our senses thus, it already became so sickening for us. Nakakaumay na ang tambalang Dingdong Dantes at Marian Rivera. I may not have the enough knowledge with regards to the entertainment and television industry, but in my opinion, what they did (or what the network and management did)was a career suicide. Matalino ang mga Pinoy. Mabilis makalimot. Mabilis magsawa. (And I don’t want to discuss here the issue that Marian Rivera was the alleged reason for the Dingdong-Karylle breakup. I’ll leave it to your favorite showbiz talkshow hosts and reporters. At lumang issue na yun.)

Some of you Marian-Dingdong fans may bash me and ask the question “How dare you compare Marian and Dingdong with Melason? Their miles apart!”

I do not compare them as they are. I do not compare them as though they are running for the same electoral position. Both of them have their own fanbase and spheres to cover and I don’t give a cent about that.

My point here is the way they reach their stardom, their influence to us boob tube suckers, and the quality entertainment that we Filipinos deserve. Kung minsan kasi, nakakasawa na at wala na tayong natututunan sa telebisyon kundi ang maglampungan at mag-sampalan, maniwala sa mga telefansiya at superhero, at ang tumunganga sa harap ng drama.

I challenge you students who are future creators of television programs, please, give the masa a quality and educational program. They cannot afford cable television that caters for our “intellectual needs”.

I don’t care if you are Team Melason or Team Marian-Dingdong. I don’t care if you are a Team Kapamilya or a Team Kapuso. I don’t care if you watch the free channels or if you prefer the cable channels.

This is just me, expressing my thoughts and opinion. I respect your freedom and choice just as I hope that you respect mine.


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