Happy 22nd Anniversary Nanay and Tatay

Today marks the 22nd wedding anniversary of my parents. 22 years of being a husband and wife, 22 years of being good parents, 22 years of ups and downs, 22 years of blessings and misfortunes, and 22 years of being together.

You have gone a long way in your marriage. You have been a good example to us, your sons and daughter. You have thought us to be God-fearing individuals and to be just to our neighbor. You are our idols.

In three years, you will be celebrating your Silver Anniversary. But let’s aim for fifty years just like Lolo and Lola. And when that day comes, I want both of you to sing Adam Sandler’s Grow Old With You.

I love you Nanay and Tatay from the bottom of my heart and from the wholeness of my substantial, corporeal, living, and rational soul. Nuks!

Photo taken at Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center, Lucban Quezon. I asked them to pose on ‘The Temptation’ statue of Adam and Eve for art’s sake – and for them to be reminded that whatever temptations may come along the way, they should still be together as one.


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