Game of the Generals

The tragic incident at Eton Condominium and the 50th birthday celebration of the Pimp, Willie Revillame yesterday may have overshadowed this news so let me remind you of this important issue.

Our money was stolen (yes, you taxpayer and ordinary Juan included), and some iron-balled Generals were allegedly behind it. Or shall I say utak bayag Generals. Well, they are just one and the same on my dictionary.

After the major shame about former military comptroller General Calos Gracia’s alleged embezzlement of the military funds and an alleged plea bargain agreement, here comes another major shame from men with balls and rifles.

Retired Colonel George Rabusa disclosed yesterday in Senate how he and his ex-bosses amassed wealth, with large portions taken from the soldiers’ salaries.

“At sa’yong paglisan, ang tanging pabaon ko, ay 50 million..”

Robusa said that the 50 million was a send-off gift to then-General Angelo Reyes when he retired from service in 2001. He also said that they have to convert it to dollars because it was very bulky.

What a cool pabaon for a retirement, eh? Millions of Filipinos are struggling to get their (full) benefits after retirement – and some have none – yet these military men are enjoying a huge amount of money? Talk about corruption and inequality.

It also sucks to know that they have converted it to dollars because it was too bulky (Why didn’t Erap think of this method to hide the jueteng payola back in the day?). With this amount of money converted to dollars, it would be easier for these men to hide it under different, unsuspecting accounts. Was this method included in the PMA curriculum? I don’t think so.

Fucked Up Tradition

Robusa also told the Senate that the distribution of this huge amounts was a tradition at the Armed Forces. “It was there when we got there. We inherited it from thise who came before us”, he said.

Stupid traditions are stupid. While the rest of the Filipinos are succumbed in poverty, without food, without basic services from the government, here are our men with balls and guns, maintaining this ancient tradition. I am now wondering if they also have this kind of tradition at the PMA where the lower class men would give something to their graduating comrades at the academy. What do you think?

Selective Amnesia

Government officials and famous personalities, even ordinary people, are often diagnosed with this sickness when interrogated. Or was the deed too evil that they resorted to burying them on the subconscious part of their brain?

Yesterday’s hearing was full of “I don’t knows” and “I don’t remembers”.

“I can’t remember” – Former Armed Forces of the Philippines chief of Staff Angelo Reyes’s response whether he received a 50 million-pesopabaon or not.

“I cannot recall going there every month. We go there occasionally..” – Former Military Comptroller Lt. Gen. Jacinto Ligot said that he cannot remember whether he accompanied Rabusa to deliver a 50-million pabaon or not.

I have a suggestion. The next time Star cinema will produce a movie as a sequel to My Amnesia Girl – My Amnesia Men would be the title perhaps – these men would fit perfectly for the role. Hindi na kailangan mag-audition at workshop. Lead stars na kaagad.


These men, these trusted men, who took an oath to serve and protect the people and the country, are the ones who are causing another shame for the Military. And they are not just ordinary men, they are the big boss, the ones with estrella on their shoulders, the men on top of the military hierarchy.

If this corruption can be done on top, I will no longer be surprised if this evil act is also done by the Colonels, Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants.

This is the Game of the Generals. And in a game, the high ranking officials kill those who have lower ranks than them. In this case, the high-ranking officials deprive the ordinary soldiers on what is due to them.

This is the Game of the Generals. If only we have spies to kill these generals just like in the famous board game invented by a Filipino.

Let’s fix this mess before our flag is captured.

Photo and news source: Philippine Daily Inquirer. Click the photo to read the whole news on their Webpage.


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