Belated Happy Birthday Tatay!

Happy Father’s Day Tatay! Siya si Juan, ang tatay ko. Iyan ang kanyang tunay na Pangalan. Siya si Juan. Ako naman si John. Siya ang tunay na Juan. Happy Father’s Day Tatay! Maraming salamat sa lahat ng pagmamahal, suporta, pangaral, at ang pagiging “Cool Tatay” mo sa amin. Sa pagsakay mo sa trip namin. At sa pagiging parang magkabarkada lang natin. Happy Father’s Day! I love you Tatay! :)

Yesterday, May 27, is the birthday of my Father. His name is Juan but he is known as “KJ” and “Johny”. Yes, he is the real Juan. At ganyan siya ka-cool. Parang barkada lang ang turingan namin. Jeprox yan eh.

I wish you the best of God’s graces, good health, a happy life, and more birthdays to come. Live Hard. Pray harder. Salamat sa lahat. I love you Tatay.

At alam kong mababasa niyo ito dahil may duda ako na may sarili kayong Tumblr account or Ninja kayo sa site ko. (Wink!).

Yesterday is my father’s birthday. And it reminds me that in less than a week, I will be celebrating my own birthday. I am getting old. Ugh!


Post-Rapture Headline of the Day

It’s Sunday. It’s rest day. It’s time to spend this day with our family. And it’s the day after Camping’s rapture. Have you double-checked your surroundings? Because we may be living in an alternate universe and the life and world that we knew has already ended. Okay that’s too geek.

As usual, I’ll give you a dose of my passion for front pages and headlines. This time, with my favorite paper next to the Philippine Daily Inquirer – the tabloid! Here’s something that caught my attention after attending the 6:00 AM Holy Mass. And this is being sold at the bakery near the church where we usually buy our hotpandesal every Sunday.

  • Bees attacked the Ninoy Aquino International Airport causing delay to some flights. Is this a sign of the rapture? I don’t think so. The Book of Revelations mentioned locusts after the fifth Angel blew his trumpet. But they sting like a bee. Like every girl in history. She bangs! She bangs! (Ricky Martin, pray for us.)
  • Have you checked your friends and relatives abroad? Are they still alive? Is their country still on the map? And what happened to Camping? Did he adjust the date of the rapture?
  • This is a serious stuff. Let’s have a crash course on Scriptures first before believing these Bible-freaks about the end of the world. The Book of Revelation, just like other apocalyptic literature books (like the book of the Prophet Daniel), was composed as resistance literature during the time of crisis. It was used as a “hidden communication” during the time of early Christians to stand firm against the persecutors. It is like the “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo” of Jose Rizal during the Filipino resistance against the Spaniards. So do not just believe these Bible-freaks about their (mis)interpretation of the Book. You don’t believe me? Go do your own research!
  • Word of the week: Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao’s “Malaswa!” (on her RH Bill-related opinion). And I think her critics would shout “extravagant!” or “vain!”. (How’s your Hermes and Li Biton bag Mommy Dionisia?)
  • 7-pesos dagdag suweldo sa workers. What can you buy at 7-pesos? What can you buy at 7-pesos? What can you buy at 7-pesos? (Make this your mantra. Repeat while fading.)
  • The tabloid is the best parody of the Philippine society. There is not much boundary between news and gossip, fact and fiction, and politics and show business. And there is always a sexy woman clad in a bikini to attract viewers – just like some of our shows on local TV. Crap.

And on a personal note:

  • I chose to attend the first Mass today. Hindi kasi mainit. And I want to see the sunrise on my way to the Church.
  • I’m not exaggerating. With the tugish-takish accompaniment and monotone keys, the choir earlier sounds like videoke. Seriously.
  • It’s nice to look at the photos of the would-be husbands and wives at the bulletin board of the Parish – and put them on a constructive criticism (Uy! Hindi nga? Ikakasal sila? Hindi bagay!). Forgive me Lord.
  • Today’s the Ala Eh Meet-up. I’m still weighing my option if I will go to Lipa or not. I have a class and a doomsday-ish exam to give this afternoon.

Enjoy the rest of the day with your family and loved ones. And thank the Lord for this wonderful morning. Or if you are an atheist or an agnostic, thank the cosmos the sun’s gravitational pull, and the earth’s inertia for this new day.

How’s your Sunday everyone?

Who’s that Girl?

The heat of the debate on the controversial Reproductive Health Bill has reached its high blood point so I decided to take a break and write something different. This time, focusing on the most important issue this country has ever faced. In fuck (read: fact), this is more important than the RH Bill, the Freedom of Information Bill and Kris Aquino’s love life.

This is about President Noynoy Aquino’s new girl. This is about the bachelor president’s love life.

The President has repeatedly asked the media to leave his personal and unofficial business in private. But because the people want it, they give it. It is in the Pinoy culture to love entertainment and gossipy news items so why not include the highest official in the land? After all, there is not much boundary between Philippine showbiz and politics.

And he is Kristina Bernadette Aquino’s brother.

The latest addition to the women linked to our bachelor president is the teacher Bunny Calica. She was with the President during the reunion concert of 70’s group Hotdog (buti na lang hindi Justin Bieber!).

And like all the women linked to the president before, she has a beautiful face, fair-skinned, and younger than him. I think the last one was the most important category. Well that was just a wild and crazy speculation.

Is she the right one for the President? We don’t know yet. I will only believe if the news will come from the most reliable and trusted spokesperson of the President – her youngest sister Kris.

And on other things:

  • I fear that Baby James “Bimby” Aquino-Yap will be following the footsteps of his mother. As early as now, he has been asking questions like that of his mother’s. (Oh James! Guide the boy please!)
  • According to Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang, it was Mar Roxas’ idea to watch the concert. Wow! If that is true, he’s not only the President’s Chief Troubleshooter/ Chief of Staff but also the Chief Happy Happy! Organizer (Joke lang po! Pero puwedeng seryosohin.).

The President’s love life may always get the attention of the media but let us not forget that there are other far more important things in the country. should we blame the media for always broadcasting these things? Partly yes but not wholly.

Personally, I am deeply saddened that the media, especially during these times that the attention is focused on the RH Bill, has lessen their news items on other thins: FOI Bill, Maguindanao Massacre, etc.

There are other important things that we need to face to achieve the promiseddaang matuwid. Let’s just leave our driver in peace.

Further readings and reference: 1. Aquino dates mystery date at Hotdog gig. 2.Bimby: “Are you my Tito’s Girlfriend?”

Post War Memories

It has been almost a year and a week ago since the 2010 Automated Elections, the first ever in the history of our country.

Prior to the elections, we have witnessed mudslingings and trash-talking from the candidates, failure and doubts with the PCOS Machines, the infectious campaign jingles, the too-good-to-be-true promises, and the bilog na hugis itlog PCOS Machine tutorial by the Sexbomb Dancers.

I consider the last election a war, and me, a war correspondent. As a PPCRV Volunteer, I was one of the thousand souls sent into the battlefield to guard the polls. The hazard is there but the fulfillment of having faithfully done your duty for the country is the irreplaceable reward.

I am now inviting you to join me in a trip down memory lane and recall the events and my unforgettable experience during the past election. I was not able to write some of these things last year because I was too busy tweeting then, recording the events as it happen.

Before the War


  • Election Day, I woke up at 6:00 AM and went to the polling precinct at 7:00 AM. As expected, the line of voters is worse than the entrance to Willie Revillame’s game show. But after I wore my PPCRV uniform and identification card, I was given a priority to vote ahead of others. Naunahan ko pa ang mga matatanda at buntis. And this is my first photo after I casted my vote.
  • Bumabaha ng C2! Do you still remember last year’s gimmick of Cherry Mobile of selling cheap cellphones on election day? And how about C2? They sold their C2 at ten pesos. And I literally abused that privilege when I drowned myself with green tea.
  • I acted as a poll watcher at Lopez Elementary School – the biggest polling place with the most number of clustered precincts here in Los Baños. And I witnessed there how a poll watcher of the leading Mayorial candidate harassed the voters. And we, as watchdogs, were the only sumbungan of the people. But we remained diplomatic and vigilant and did not resort to violence and threat.
  • Due to the lack of men, I decided to volunteer at the Municipal canvassing – but I ended up being the only PPCRV volunteer for the whole Municipality of Los Baños left to wait for the results and the election returns. there, I witnessed the wonders and speed of the PCOS Machine. Sobrang bilis ng results!
  • I was the only volunteer equipped with Twitter via @tweetitow so I had thepower to report the details blow by blow. In face, I was the first to report the election results here in Los Baños on the web, and to ABS-CBN News. Thanks to the hash tag #halalan.
  • I was awake for more than 24 hours during the elections and the morning after. But it was worth the sacrifice. I have done something good for my country. And this is my first tweet after the elections.

After smoke have parted…

Last year’s election was memorable and historical. Aside from being the first automated elections in the country, that was also my first time to vote. And I am proud that my single vote became a part of that history.

It is just ironical. The election results was fast – thanks to Smartmatic-TIM and their PCOS Machines – but the progress of this country is the exact opposite. You can call that a PCOS Machine irony. Progress in this country does not end with the elections and the inauguration of new leaders. It is just the beginning.

But I am still hoping. Still dreaming. Still waiting.

Last year’s election, no matter how violent and dirty, was fun. And if given a chance, I would still offer my free service as a PPCRV poll watcher.

PCOS MAchine, will I see you again on 2013?

During the elections, I was only armed with cellphone, a notebook to record the events, and my PPCRV guidebook, uniform, and ID. The photo above is the same ID and notebook that I used last year.

Headline of the Day

As most of you my faithful readers knew, I have this passion for front pages and covers of broadsheets, tabloids, and magazines. And here’s one that caught my attention earlier this morning after attending the 6:00 AM Sunday Mass.

And this one is being sold at the patio of the Church – just less than fifteen steps from the doors of the church. Cool eh?

Interested for this story of perversion and lewd act of a police? Go grab yourself a copy of People’s Tonight.

And as for the other things:

  • I will always consider the infectious “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” as the anthem for masturbation.
  • Jinkee and Paris-textmate na? – I wonder when will Paris be the next Krista Ranillo for Manny Pacquiao. I can see that one coming. Oops!
  • Today is Mommy Dionisia’s celebration of her 18th birthday. she may not look like 18 but her party looks like that of an 18-year old. Seriously.
  • Today is the feast day of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. Being an agricultural country, many Parishes here in the Philippines were named under his patronage. Expect the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon, numerous fiestahan on different towns and barrios, and drunk manongs singing “My Love will See You Through” in the videoke.
  • Special shout to the epic The Super Cabbage (Tumblr Oldies, do you still remember her?). Happy birthday Jam! Tumblr (and some of your loyal fans including me) misses you. Please blog again soon.

How’s your Sunday everyone?

Happy Mother’s Day Nanay!

This is me and my ever loving mother. Happy Mother’s day. Thank you for all the love, care, and financial support (dapat ba talagang isama ko yun?). Siyempre, alam kong malaki na ang gastos niyo sa akin.

Pasensya na sa mga kawalanghiyaan ko. Na kung minsan ay napapainit ko ang inyong ulo. Alam niyo namang yun ang paraan ko ng “tough love”. Yeah!

At kahit pa lagi akong nagbibiro sa inyo ng “Kapag ganyan naman ang Nanay mo eh!”, alam ko namang wala kayong katulad at wala na akong mahahanap na Nanay na kasing bait, husay, at mapagmahal na katulad niyo

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you Nanay! 🙂

Yellow Fever

Tomorrow, Filipino Pride and Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao will once again step into the ring to show the whole world what an eight division world champion can do to defend his title. This time, against the American Sugar Shane Mosley. And earlier today, Philippine time, these two great fighters stepped into the scales for their weigh-in.

Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines and US Shane Mosley (R) attend the official weigh-in for their fight in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 6, 2011. The eight division world champion Pacquiao marks his return to Las Vegas for the first time since 2009 by fighting Mosley for the World Boxing Organization welterweight title at the Garden Arena in the MGM Grand on May 7

Most of us are excited for the fight that will once again, hopefully, bring honor, pride, and unity to our problem-filled and divided country.

While most of the viewers will be placing their bets and riches for Pacquiao (or on what round will he send Mosley sleeping on the ring), our fighter will be fighting another opponent – poverty.

And Manny Pacquiao will once again set history tomorrow. For the first time in boxing history, a yellow pair of boxing gloves will be used.

As most of us know, red, blue, and burgundy are the colors used by a boxer. Yellow as a symbol of his fight against poverty. Pacman is said to wear yellow to “signify the unity among the Filipino people across the globe”. In an interview with sportscaster Chino Trinidad, Pacman said in context that “boxing is not the biggest fight in his life. Eradicating poverty is now the biggest fight of his life.” He also encouraged suppoters and fans of Shane Mosley to wear yellow too as a sign of unity with the Filipinos in our fight against poverty.

This move and advocacy of Pacquiao was lauded by the foreign media and other non-Filipino boxing aficionados. He uses his influence as a famous boxer to do something good and for the betterment of other people.

As expected, this move by Pacman, especially the preferred color, was not spared from comments and allegations that this was in support for President Noynoy Aquino (who used the same color during his campaign and obviously, the color inherited from his mother Cory Aquino). Why choose the color yellow? Why not the other colors? In my humorous and sarcastic mind, I made these things up:

  • Blue – The famous color of President Nonoy’s running-mate during the 2010 elections. This may be a bad choice. That color didn’t win.
  • Green – The so-called “galing at talino” color. Again, bad choice. This has akiss of death back in 2010 (wink!)
  • Pink – The color of a bayani. Why not this one? Masakit sa mata. And Pacman might be mistaken as a member of Sir Danton Remoto’s group.
  • Red – The color of the badtrip and flash great man from Subic. Why not this one? It’s the usual.
  • Orange – The color of the guy who swam in the sea of garbage. Why not this one? Pacman supported this guy back in 2010? The reason may be obvious.

For some, Manny’s choice of color may be a big deal. Metaphysically speaking, color is just an accident. It may be present or not. What is essential is the essence, the substance. What is important is Manny Pacquiao’s advocacy to giht poverty.

With that advocacy, he is already a champion. And no one can take that title away from him.

I hope to see a sea of yellow tomorrow in support for our Pambansang Kamao.

And Floyd Mayweather, I hope to see you soon on the ring with this man.

Good luck Manny and bring honor once again to this country. Padayon!

P.S. Can you spot the Pambansang Anino in the photo?