‘False’ Cover for Freedom

In celebration of the 113th Independence Day of the Philippines, the Republic is bringing back Juan’s obsession with front pages and covers of broadsheets, tabloids, and magazines. And here’s what caught my attention on the Church’s patio after attending the 6:00 AM Mass.

At first, I thought that some prankster did this to the paper’s front page. But when I checked the other copies, I found out that this was not made by some bored individuals. This was The Philippine Inquirer‘s statement for press freedom in lieu with the 113th independence day.

They further explained this catchy way of expressing their advocacy when I opened the broadsheet and saw the real front page.

Freedom doesn’t come cheap. We have paid the price and we must continue to uphold it. Never stop daring. Never stop learning. Never stop trying. Never stop inquiring.

What you see is what you get, which is not much, in a heavily censored Page 1 of Inquirer issue. Thank God for the freedom we now enjoy. We have paid the price with the blood of heroes and our daily strivings to defend it.

Most of us who care knew that Philippines was once regarded as the most dangerous place for journalists.

Kudos Philippine Daily Inquirer for your catchy way of showing your advocacy! Long live the freedom! Mabuhay ang mga mamahayag na Pilipino!

And as for other things:

  • Today is the 113th Independence Day. Let us thank our heroes and forefathers who fought for the freedom that we have been enjoying up today (Special mention to my wasak na wasak idols Juan Luna and Graciano Lopez-Jaena. Tagay sa langit mga pare!)
  • Cultural Scholars say that GMA-7’s ‘Amaya’ is inaccurate andmisleading. Perhaps they want to follow the footsteps of Korean Networks who gave us Jumong and Jewl in the Palace. But please GMA Network, do not bastardize what was left on our glorious heritage. So what’s your next serye?
  • Please be careful taxpayers. There’s this seemingly new money-making scam that is allegedly back by the BIR. (Read more here)
  • Oh Spratlys! I can smell war on the Western Philippine Sea. Let us all be vigilant and continue praying for peace.
  • We are celebratinf independence day but I believe that we are not really that free. Press people are killed and information are kept hidden. Support the Freedom of Information Act! Pass the Freedom of Information Bill. NOW!

On a personal note:

  • Tomorrow is the Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua, Patron Saint of missing things. It is also the fiesta in our Parish and Baranggay. Box office na naman ang Supermarket at Palengke dito sa eLBi.
  • There is a proposed road-widening of Lopez Avenue here in Los Baños. But it will affect, obviously, numerous establishments, schools, and our Church. This is allegedly proposed to give way for the new mall owned by… (Juan, this page was censored. You have no freedom to say that. -Editor)
  • My class resumes this afternoon. It’s time to meet my new batch of students. Rakenrol.

Kalayaan sa ating lahat. Mabuhay ang Republika ng Pilipinas! Padayon!


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