My good friend and former roommate in College texted me this morning and asked me to see a copy of The Philippine Daily Inquirer. He told me that the headline has, sort of, a double-meaning. So instead of going to my favorite news stand, thanks to technology, I went to the website of PDI and looked for the digital edition of today’s broadsheet.

At first glance, and if the reader is not discriminating enough, it may appear that the Church being referred to the headline is the Catholic Church (Haters gonna hate. Call it rash judgement but this country is dominantly Catholic.) The church mentioned here is the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP), who, sues Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo in charge of the extra judicial killings of their members.

So much for that. Let’s just leave the issue in court. Let the truth come out and the guilty be punished. If there is still justice in the Land of Juan.


As usual, as what most of you my faithful readers knew, the Republic is giving you a dose of rundown of current events (with a little commentary and heckling on the side) and his passion for front pages and headlines of broadsheets, tabloids, and magazines.

Brace yourselves. Here we go:

  • Total Lunar Eclipse – of the heart – Astronomy enthusiasts are fortunate to see one of the longest lunar eclipse of the decade – including me. I had my forever alone coffee party/ lamay on our house’s veranda to watch the bloody moon. And the clouds didn’t fail me. The sight was spectacular (and creepy). See you again lunar eclipse this December.
  • Miley Cyrus in the house yo! – Miley Cyrus is here in the country for a concert at the Mall of Asia concert grounds tonight. I will not watch her concert but I added some of her songs on my playlist (You mad? This is not something new. I already added Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers before. Haha!). and, Ted Failon became a Philippine trending topic last night because he mispronounced Miley as “Mey-Lee” on TV Patrol. Okay.
  • China is one of the biggest country yet they still fight for their claim on the Spratly group of islands. (Read more about China here)
  • Congratulations De La Salle University and the La Salle Brothers for your one hundred years in the Philippines. I have a question though. Do you think Saint John Baptist De La Salle is also celebrating in heaven? Because if my memory serves me right, the Saint’s dream is to have a school for the impoverished. And it is obvious that that is not the case in the country. And..okay enough. Animo La Salle!
  • Metro Manila is on heightened alert for terrorist plot. Let us be vigilant and be aware of our surroundings.
  • Our beloved former Congreswoman Gloria Arroyo has been hospitalized for neck ailment. And according to news updates, she has already been discharged from the hospital but she will have to wear her neck brace for a week. Sayang ang new look. Get well soon Madam.
  • President Aquino appointed executive secretary and his shooting buddy Paquito Ochoa as chair of the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission. Akala ko si Mar Roxas na naman. Good luck Sir!
  • Zawahiri was named by Al Qaida as successor to Osama Bin Laden. I give him 8 years before he’s captured/ killed by the United States forces.

And as for other and personal things:

  • Does Coca-Cola still sell Coke 500? You know, the one mentioned in the Eraserheads song Tindahan ni Aling Nena. I remember buying Coke 500 ages ago together with pan de coco. Orgasmic merienda! Ah, life’s little joys.
  • I expect heavy traffic on Sunday from Los Baños to Calamba and vice versa. Nah, not for the Rizal @ 150. i heard that Dingdong Dantes and the other Kapuso artists will be having a show at SM Calamba. Oh-key.
  • Rebecca Black appeared to have gained weight on Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night music video. And yeah, she looks, uhm, prettier.
  • I am excited for The Dawn’s Enveloped Ideas album. It is a tribute by different artists to The Dawn’s 25th anniversary. It contains covers of the hit songs by The Dawn much like 2005’s Ultraelectromagneticjam.


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Let us all be vigilant and continue praying for peace. Stay safe. Tropical depressionEgay has entered the Philippine area of responsibility. Enjoy the long weekend. Maximize your time with your family and loved ones. God bless us all. Padayon!


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