Home at Last

President Benigno Aquino and Vice President Jejomar Binay witness the arrival at the Villamor Airbase in Fort Bonifacio of the slain seven Marines. MARIANNE BERMUDEZ/INQUIRER


Perhaps the whole country is busy dealing with Juaning and Kabayan. Or about the alleged ballot switching at the Batasang Pambansa. Or too occupied praying for Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (whether they pray for her safety and recovery or the opposite, I don’t know). Or still mourning after the loss of the Azkals for their 2014 world cup bid. Or celebrating Eat Bulaga’s 32nd anniversary. Or just doing some other stuff that we failed to notice this another gruesome event at the southern part of our country.

Our marines had an encounter with the Abu Sayaff last Thursday at the jungles of Sulu and five (5) of them were decapitated.

Beheading is not something new for these bandits. Most of us would still remember how they decapitate their kidnapped victims and how they dehumanize our troops by beheading the soldiers they kill in the battle.

Maybe the Abu Sayyaf is making their presence felt. For the past few months, we barely hear a thing about them (or maybe the news agencies are just too busy covering and showing us the other important issues? I don’t know.). This just shows that the violence in the south is far from over and the government has still a lot of work to do to attain the peace in the south.

I can still remember a Catholic priest who was assigned in Basilan who told us his first-hand experience with these bandits and their victims. He was the guest speaker on the (Lipa) Clergy’s monthly recollection when I was still in the seminary. He told us his story when he was assigned to bless the mutilated corpses of the 10 soldiers who were slain and beheaded in Basilan in an encounter in 2007. He could not believe how barbaric these bandits were by doing this hideous crime.

After hearing his story, I was moved and I felt that I was also in front those slain heroes. But he also left a challenge in me if I have the courage to be assigned in a far-flung place with all the perils and dangers accompanying the mission.

Courage. I admire these courageous heroes who sacrificed their lives by defending the country. It is just sad to hear these sad tales about our soldiers in the field amidst these controversies involving the high-ranking officials of the military.

To our heroes in the field, to the thousand nameless and ordinary soldiers who fought to defend our country, thank you for a job-well done. You may have gone but your contribution to the country is priceless and may it always be remembered by the generations to come.

I give you my snappy salute.

Mabuhay ang mga sundalong nagtataya ng kanilang buhay para sa bayan. Viva Filipinas! Padayon!

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The Great Switch

This may appear to be too good to be true. Or too perfect a crime to happen on the Philippines wherein most of the heist shown on our movies and teleseryes are too far from the standard of Hollywood syndicates. This is not anItalian Job nor an Ocean’s 11.

This incident happened on the Philippines.

In an expose today on the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Police Senior Supt. Rafael Santiago and his “boys” have come forward to reveal that they stole original election Returns (ERs) then kept at the Batasang Pambansa building (where the canvassing of votes happened) and replaced it with fake ones to make sure that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo would still emerge the winner of 2004 elections in case of a recount.

Santiago told the Inquirer and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima that he acted on the orders of then PNP Director General Hermogenes Ebdane, now a Governor of the province of Zambales, and a close ally of then-president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Santiago said that the election returns were mostly from Mindanao where the election results are disputed.

After reading the whole article, I proceed to the comment box and read the reactions of some of the readers. Some are critical. Others are stupid. Most of them believe that this is a fact. While others argued that exposing this on the media will lead to a sensationalized item and that this expose must be verified first before releasing it on print.

Why not expose this on court and why choose the media instead? In today’s Philippine setting where justice is slow, people opt to expose things on the media for an instant exposure and attention of the people. Let us admit it. The mass media is a powerful tool. Though sometimes, this powerful tool leads to a mass destruction, division, and sensationalism.

Is Gloria Arroyo guilty of this crime? Is she behind this heist to save her neck and keep her on power? Will this add up to the numerous cases filed against her? As much as I trust the mass media on delivering information to the people, I will not instantly believe this expose unless it is proven on court. I will let the court decide whether this is a fact or just another made-up story to divert the attention of the people.

And speaking of the Moled One, she is set to be operated on her cervical spine tomorrow at 7:00AM. this is a dangerous operation but the Doctors from St. Luke’s told the mediamen that there were no mortality on this operation since 1996. Let’s just hope that Gloria Arroyo will not be the first one.

I pray for her safety tomorrowand speedy recovery. Would you?

I hope for truth and justice to be finally out. I wish for history to be corrected.And I pray that those who are gulity be persecuted and incarcerated.

Viva Filipinas! Padayon!

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Oh Laser!

Kung hindi 'yan laser pointer? Ano yan? Lightsaber?

A story has been circulating around Twitter (and the internet) about a Kuwaiti football fan allegedly pointing a laser pointer at Azklas goalkeeper Neil Etheridge during the Azkals-Kuwait match last Saturday for the second round of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

I was away from the internet for almost a week (though I have been always active on Twitter via SMS tweeting service @tweetitow) so I have no means to confirm the claimMoreso, the image shown on some news programs on television is a little bit pixelated, blurred, and seemingly edited (orphotoshopped, if that is the proper word to describe it).

Earlier this evening, TV-5’s Aksyon website interaksyon.com posted a high-resolution wide shot of the photo courtesy of the Kuwaiti Times. It appears to be fake or edited at first glance but Neil Etheridge’s story, as told on TV-Patrol, that he was actually distracted by a laser pointer is more than enough reason to believe the veracity of the photo.

You may also want to check the comments of some of the netizens on this issue by clicking the photo above. Sometimes, or most of the time, the real fun and and excitement happen on the comment box and not on the news per se.

And as for the usual and other stuff:

  • I was among the few souls who stayed awake during the wee hours of the morning last Sunday to catch the Azkals-Kuwait match. The result may not be worth my puyat but I am still proud of our Philippine Foootball Team.
  • The first half which ended on 1-0 in favor of Kuwait was good. It only shows that we can beat the Kuwaiti team. Sadly, the 40 plus-degree temperature on Kuwait and the exhaustion of our players paved the way for our 3-0 defeat.
  • As expected, there are Pinoys who instantly became instant balimbings and perfect douchebags who instantly criticized and booed the Azkals for their defeat. Welcome to the Philippines!
  • I wonder if alleged Azkals rape victim watched the game last Sunday. but she showed up on The Buzz later that afternoon for an interview with Tito Boy Abunda, What’s her name again? Nah, never mind. Good luck girl.
  • I jokingly asked my friends who will watch the game later on Rizal Stadium to watch out for Kuwait #13 outside the stadium. Ha ha!
  • If this Kuwaiti fan unleashed his laser pointer to distract our goal keeper, friends and fellow countrymen, UNLEASH YOUR LASER SWORD! (Or to my fellow Jedis, ilabas ang mga nakatagong Light Saber!)
  • I hope that it will rain later so as to give us an advantage on these players who are not used on a rainy football match. Yahoo!

I wish our Philippine Football Team the best of luck! The road to Brazil is hard but I believe that we can make it!

Long live the Azkals! Padayon!

The Curious Case of Lintang Bedol

HE’S LOOKING AT YOU. Former Commission on Elections (Comelec) official Lintang Bedol glances at Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes as he answers questions during a press conference Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at the Comelec office. Bedol, who was allegedly linked to massive election fraud during the 2004 presidential election, surrendered to the authorities on Tuesday. AP

It has come to this. Days after he had an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN Correspondent Anthony “Tonying” Taberna, Lintong Bedol has finally surrendered to authorities and is now, according to him, ready to face the charges against him and to divulge the truth on the rigged 2007 election results.

Now that Attorney Bedol has come out, will the truth be finally out? Will justice be served? Will those who seek the truth be finally able to find it? Will those who betrayed the people, manipulated the results, and blatantly disrespected the electoral process be persecuted and incarcerated? And will history once and for all be corrected?

Four years ago, Lintang Bedol went into hiding after snubbing the Comelec’s summonses over allegations of poll fraud. He is now facing a six-month jail term after the poll body convicted him of contempt.

Four years ago, he is perceived by the public as a “fugitive criminal”. But with these turn of events, will he be considered a hero? Will the government consider him to be a state witness against irregularities of the 2007 elections and possibly, pointing out the (Moled) One behind this mess?

Is he a Sinner or a Saint? Okay. That sounds like a GMA-7 afternoon teleserye but I knew you got my point.

Most of us would ask Lintang Bedol, why only now? And what are your motives on resurfacing and turning your back against the former administration? And why is it very timely with Zaldy “Kim Idol” Ampatuan’s retraction and other expose against the Arroyo administration?

If you have noticed, during the past Senate investigations and other exposes, most of the irregularities and mess of the past government agencies and institutions and the men and women behind it are pointing out, in a way, to our beloved former President, Gloria Arroyo.

But personally, my question is, who is behind all these sudden turn of events? Who is manipulating these numerous exposes, betrayals, and shedding of the light of truth? Or, as impossible as it may appear, is it destiny? Is this the proper time for the truth about the stench of the past administration to finally come out of the open?

I am looking for a Darth Sidious here. I think it is possible that, just like in Star Wars, there is someone responsible on manipulating these events for personal gain of power.

Going back, is Lintang Bedol a messiah of this administration? Or just a part of a whole, complicated game plan of someone? I don’t know. Let’s just wait and see.

And as for other whatnots and a little comic relief:

  • Lintang Bedol, clad in a bulletproof vest, was presented to the media yesterday morning but he did not speak nor tell a word to the mediamen except for his “Hello, kamusta kayo lahat” (How are you all?). Seriously, he reminds me of Kris Aquino’s mini-me, her son Bimby. HELLO THERE?!
  • DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima asks: why come out only now? She should sing Bakit ngayon ka lang, dumating sa puso ko.. in the videoke. Yahoo!
  • I wonder why use “Lintang” as a name. That sounds like a leech or lintaBagay naman siguro dahil sa mata ng ilan, para siyang linta na nakakapit sa makapangyarihang tao. Pero dahil wala nang masisipsisip, hayun, bumitaw na. Katulad ng isang linta. Bow. (But seriously, especially my friends and readers from Mindanao, please educate me about the meaning of Lintang. Thank you)
  • Hello Garci? Nasaan na you? I have this gut feeling that you are next. Or better yet, save this country and speak out whatever you know.

It seems like we have more to watch out on this curious case of Lintang Bedol. Let’s just wait and see. And I hope that the truth and justice will finally be out in the Land of Juan.

There’s still hope for this country. Viva Filipinas! Padayon!

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Crying Lady

Yesterday’s Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the PCSO anomalies was not a deja vu. But it almost did. Flashback during the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the Garcia-Ligot-AFP anomalies (which lead, some would say, to the unexpected suicide of General Angelo Tomas-Reyes), we saw Erlinda Ligot, on her tears, unable to answer the Senator’s queries. We heard her husband, General Jacinto Ligot, repeatedly invoking his constitutional right against self-incrimination.

And there was a second installment yesterday. Former PCSO General Manager Rosario Uriarte cried unabashedly and asked the Senators to spare her family from the investigation. And she has repeatedly plead her silence and invoked her right against self-incrimination when asked about the “bigger fish” behind this mess.

It started when Uriarte was asked about the controversial Php 325-million intelligence fund of the PCSO, citing that any statements she would give to the Senate will be used against her in the plunder charges filed on the Office of the Ombudsman.

It is once again proven. Refusing to answer the Senators’ questions and repeatedly invoking the constitutional right put one into a public impression of being guilty and hiding and protecting someone bigger.

Who’s this bigger fish? Who is/are orchestrating all this anomalies? Or as a Metallica song would put it, who is the Master of Puppets? Not unless these persons point out the ‘big boss’, we will never know. I just hope that they will not be another Angelo Reyes who will bring their secrets to the grave.

Senator TG “Galit Sa Buwaya” Guingona stated that there is sufficient evidence for Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to explain her side at the Office of the Ombudsman.

But will she speak? We all know that the Moled One has a vow of silence. And the only instance that we heard her speak was her insincere and infamous “I am Sorry” during the height of “Hello Garci” Scandal.

If only a veritaserum is available to let truth come out from these scoundrels. Will you please give us a truckload Professor Severus Snape?

By the way, though unflattering, I’m not mocking Gloria Uriarte on choosing this photo. I have been searching the net for a more decent photo but this was the only one who will compliment my post.

Kudos Manila Bulletin! You have done this again. The last time you did this, according to my recollection, was when you featured then-Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez when the House found probable cause to impeach her. Picture perfect. The photographer deserves a Pulitzer prize!

I hope this country will soon be cleaned of all this mess.

God save and bless the Philippines.

Viva Filipinas! Padayon! 

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“So Help Me God”

Catholic bishops embroiled in a PCSO charity fund misuse during President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration, take their oath at the start of Wednesday’s Senate hearing. They are, from left, Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian, Msgr. David William Antonio (representing Most Rev. Ernesto Salgado), Bishop Rodolfo Beltran, Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, Archbishop Romulo Valles and Most Rev. Martin Jumoad. PHOTO BY LYN RILLON

So it happened yesterday. The Bishops who were involved in the inaccurately-called Pajero Bishops faced the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee yesterday morning.

I was on the road with my grandmother during the senate hearing so I was not able to watch the whole proceeding. But thanks to Birthday Boy Manny V. Pangilinan’s TV-5’s 92.3 News FM, I was able to listen to the senate committee proceedings.

Sayang. I was at the Senate (at the Senator Pecson room in particular) last Tuesday for the Technical Working Group of the Sustainable Forest Management Act sponsored by Sen. Miguel Zubiri. Had the Senate Blue Ribbon hearing happened last Tuesday, I will be able to catch a glimpse of my Lolo Bishops (and makemano and introduce myself as one of their seminarians).

During the proceedings, I was enthusiastically voicing out my thoughts on Twitter and exchanging opinion with my former Political science professor, my former roommate, and people whom I look up to on the cyber world.

As expected (or was I the only one who expected this?), the Senators were calm on asking the bishops. The Philippine Daily Inquirer, in their news today, described it as a “reverential treatment”. The only exciting part yesterday was when PCSO Chair Margie Juico was booed on the mistake of calling the Prelates Pajero Bishops when there was actually no Pajeros involved.

As usual, the critics of the CBCP (mostly RH advocates and who describe the Bishops as corrupt Damasos mingling with State-affairs) were storming the social media (Twitter and Facebook), expressing their disgust on the proceedings. Some said that the Senators appeared to be “too afraid” and “protective” of the Bishops. Others were bitin and did not see a tension-filled exchange of words on the session hall. While some describe the Senators as ass kissers of the Bishops.

I respect their opinion and protest. They are free to do that. Personally, I was alsobitin yesterday on the appearance of the Bishops. But the moment they started name calling and other indecent words to describe the Senators and the Bishops, that is just so immature and unbecoming.

Here’s the thing: What more can be said by the Bishops? They have stated and explained their side. It is now up to the lawmakers and the law-enforcing body of our country to do their job. It is now up to the PCSO to explain their mess. After all, they are the ones who gave these vehicles to these needy Prelates. If it is found out that these bishops have violated the law, then in the light of truth and justice that they will be penalized, so be it. but don’t shove in my face that thewhole Catholic Church (including her faithful) and all the Bishops are corrupt and are involved with this mess. It is unfair and illogical.

I am sorry for the rant. Even though I am a devout Catholic, a seminarian, and a Prayle-wannabe, I am not defending the Bishops. I just looking at things at a bigger and fair perspective.

And speaking of the bigger perspective, may we know who is the bigger fish behind this mess? In a Senate Hearing earlier this morning, former PCSO General Manager Rosario Uriarte repeatedly invoke her right against self-incrimination (which reminds me of General Ligot).

Who is behind these mess? Who are they protecting? Why not say the name for the benefit of all? Is it possible that the Moled One is behind this mess? Including the controversies on PNP (rubber boats and choppers), AFP (“pabaon”-issue), PAGCOR, etc.

We don’t know. Mahaba-habang inuman pa ‘to. Let’s just wait and see.

But in the event that all these things lead to the Moled One, I only have three words for her:

Ibagsak ang Pandak!

God save and bless this country. Viva Filipinas! Padayon!

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Mag-Divorce na lang Tayo! (O kung Bakit Mali ang Diborsyo)

Hindi pa man natatapos ang nakaka-high blood usapin tungkol sa Reproductive Health Bill, heto na naman at may bago na namang pakulo ang ating mga talentado at nuknukan ng galing na Crocodylus mindorensis na mga mambabatas.

Kesyo tayo na lang daw ang bansa sa buong mundo na hindi nagpapahintulot ng diborsyo (bukod sa Vatican City siyempre) matapos itong pahintulutan ng mga mababatas ng Malta, napapanahon na daw na pahintulutan ito sa Pilipinas upang “umayon sa makabagong panahon”. May mga nagsasabi pa ngang isang malaking ka-ipokritohan ang hindi payagan ang diborsyo sa isang bansang pinapayagan naman ang mas magastos na annulment (Matalino ka. Alam mo naman siguro ang pinagkaiba ng dalawang iyon. Hayaan na lang natin.).

Nagmula ako sa isang liberal-ngunit-konserbatibo-tungkol-sa-mga-turo-ng-Iglesia-Katolika na pamilya. Ang mga magulang ko ay kapwa mga naglilingkod sa aming Parokya. Kaming magkapatid ay parehong nasa Seminaryo at nag-aaral para maging Prayle sa hinaharap. Kaya’t ang usapin ng diborsyo ay malayo sa posibilidad na tanggapin ko at ng aking Pamilya.

Pero paano naman daw ang mga hindi Katoliko? Iyan ang madalas na katanungan ng ilan na palagi na lamang parang mga inasnang bulate kapag naglalabas ng pahayag ang mga tinatawag nilang Damaso. Ang usapin ng diborsyo ay hindi lamang usaping Katoliko. Ito ay usaping panlipunan. At may mga epekto ang diborsyo hindi lamang sa kabanalan ng matrimonya ng kasal kundi pati na rin sa usaping pangkalusugan, psychological at psycho-emotional.

Masuwerte ako at hindi sinasadyang nakahanap ako ng materyales para ipaliwanag ng mas maiintindihan ng nakararami ang aking punto tungkol sa aking pagtutol sa diborsyo. Nasa isang pagpupulong ako kahapon sa Seminaryo at hindi sinasadyang nakakita ako ng pahayagan ng Arsidyosesis ng Lipa at aking nabasa ang kolum ng isa sa aking mga iniidolong Pari – si Msgr. Ruben Dimaculangan, isang Pilipinong Pari na dating Ambassador ng Vatican City sa United Nations.

Bakit nga ba hindi mabuti ang diborsyo? Narito ang ilan sa mga puntong kanyang isinulat:

  1. Kasi, kung merong mga failed marriages, meron ding mga bad divorces.
  2. Hindi karaka-raka binugbog ang babae ay diborsyo kaagad ang solusyon.  Ang gamot sa pambubugbog ay presinto. Pustahan at mas-dadami ang pambubugbog kung bubuksan ang pintuan para sa diborsyo.
  3. Ibinubukas ng diborsyo ang okasyon sa mga kabataan na maging iresponsable sa pagpili ng mapapangasawa. Lalo nitong ibinubuyo sila na paglaruan ang pag-ibig, lalo na ang kababaihan.
  4. Ibinababa ng diborsyo ang dignidad ng kasal bilang banal na pagsasama. Para bang ang pagpili ng pangangasawa ay pagpili ng kalakal at hindi isang pakikipagtipan.
  5. Ang diborsyo ay walang iniwan sa paglalagay lang muna ng iyong “lumang buhay” sa kapahingahan.  Tapos, susundan mo naman ito ng paglalalang ng sitwasyon ng bagong problema sa buhay sa muling pag-aasawa.
  6. Sa diborsyo, ang mga abogado ay pwedeng maging bahagi din ng problema. Merong mga iskwelahan na naghuhubog ng mga abogado upang maging analytical pero hindi naman talaga upang makatulong.  Ang inaatupag ay ang pag-atake sa kahinaan ng isa sa mga partner o ng kalabang abogado at sa bandang huli iniiwan ng diborsyo ang naghiwalay na mag-asawa na matabunan ng utang sa abogado o sa problemang emosyonal
  7. Ang diborsyo ay laging mali dahil pagtalikod ito sa sumpa ng mag-asawa na sila ay magsasama habang buhay. Maraming problema ang malulutas kung ang mag-asawa ay magdedesisyon na ibangon ang kailang kasal nang may determinasyon sa tulong ng Diyos at sa tulong rin ng kanilang kapwa (lalo na ng mga ninong/ninang).
  8. Ang diborsyo ay magiging suliraning panlipunan dahil inaatake nito at unti-unting winawasak ang pamilya, ang kakayanang magtalaga ng bawat salit-saling lahi hanggang sa marating nila ang puntos na maging okey lang para sa lahat ang maghiwalay kahit saang puntos ng pagsasama sila andoon.
  9. Mali ang diborsyo dahil sa bawat problema, diborsyo lagi ang nakikitang solusyon. Pinapapaglaho ng diborsyo ang halaga ng sakripisyo, pagsisikap, determinasyon, pagbibigay ng sarili, pagtatalaga at ang tulong ng biyaya ng Diyos.
  10. Pagtakas sa problema kaysa pagharap sa suliranin ang kulturang unti-unting itinuturo ng diborsyo.
  11. Pagkatapos ng mula hanggang 10 taon diborsyo, batay sa 20 taong pagsasaliksik, ito ang nagiging ugat ng kahirapang pinansyal ng asawang babae at ng kanilang mga anak. (Amberl, 1998; Bouchard et al, 1991:6; Ross, Scolt and Kelly, 1995 :67).
  12. Kaunting-kaunti lang ang ebidensya na nagpapakitang ang diborsyo ay nakakabuti sa mga anak.
  13. Nagdudulot ang diborsyo ng behavior problems sa mga anak, ng pagdami ng maagang pagbubuntis, pagdami ng gumagamit ng droga, problemang psychological (anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem at physical (sakit sa puso,diabetes, cancer).
  14. Ang problemang ganito, na nakasaad sa itaas, ay nakikita na kaagad sa divorce process pa lang kung saan pinagtatalunan ng mga magulang kung sino ang dapat sisihin, kung papaano hahatiin ang ari-arian, kung papaano aalagaan ang mga anak, kung kanino titira ang mga anak at kung papaano magpapanimula muli ng kanilang social network.
  15. Kahit ang relasyon ng mga anak ay sinisira ng diborsyo. Nababawasan ang pagtitiwala nila sa isa’t-isa habang sila ay tumatanda.
  16. Kaya nga, sa pagdami ng hindi malusog na populasyon, ay kasunod ang pagbaba ng pangkalahatang standard of living ng lipunan.

O baka sabihin ninyo, bigotry itong ginagawa ko. Ang akin lamang, ibinabahagi ko ang aking natutunan para sa ikabubuti ng nakararami. Tutal, may kalayaan ka naman na gumawa ng sarili mong opinyon at igagalang ko iyon katulad na rin ng sana ay paggalang mo sa aking opinyon.

Maaaring sabihin ng iba na tayo na lamang ang natitirang bansa na walang diborsyo at sa tingin ko, hindi iyon maituturing na sumpa kundi isang biyaya ng Diyos. Marami sa ating kultura at mga tradisyon bilang isang Pilipino ay nakaugat sa pagkaka-ugnay-ugnay at pagkakabuo ng Pamilya at nakapanghihinayang kung may mga pamilyang tuluyag masisira.

Maaari ding tingnan ng iba na walang moral authority ang mga Obispo ang Simbahan dahil sa samu’t-saring kontrobersiya na hinaharap nito (Pajero Bishops, mga abusadong Pari, etc.). Ngunit tingnan niyo ito. Masasabi mo bang walanghiya ang isang pamilya kung may iisa o iilang black sheep dito? Masasabi mo bang dysfunctional ang isang angkan kung may isang Pamilya na nasira at nagkahiwalay? Hindi di ba? Ang iilan ay hindi sumasaklaw sa kabuuan. Mas marami diyan ang Obispo at mga Pari na mabubuti, banal, at tumutulong at naglilingkod sa Diyos at sa kapwa ng buong puso at buong pagkatao.

Na-e-exaggerate at nase-sensationalize lamang ng media (telebisyon, radio, print, at internet)  ang mga balita tungkol sa iilan.

Sila ang makabagong weapons of mass destruction ng kasalukuyang panahon.

Bumalik tayo sa paksa ng artikulong ito. Tama ba ang diborsyo? Hindi. Sa tingin ko, dapat munang unahin ang pinaka-ugat ng problema bago sugpuin ang problemang lumago na. Kumbaga sa commercial, patayin ang ugat ng fungi.

Hindi basta-basta ang pag-aasawa. Sa pagpili ng mapapangasawa, dapat ay naroon ang tamang pagkakakilanlanan, tiwala, respeto, at pagmamahal sa isa’t-isa. Dapat din sigurong ituro ang tamang values formation na siyang ugat ng pagkatao o kung “magiging ano” ang isang tao sa hinaharap.

Edukasyon at tamang values formation. Hindi Divorce revolution. At siyempre, ang patnubay ng Poong Maykapal. Amen?

Ipinapanalangin ko na maging matatag ang mga mag-asawa at ang mga Pamilya lalung-lalo na sa modernong panahon kung saan ang patnubay sa mga anak ay tila napapabayaan na at angvalues ng mga kabataan ay kung saan-saan na nakukuha .

Pag-ibig at kapayapaan sa ating lahat. Padayon!