“So Help Me God”

Catholic bishops embroiled in a PCSO charity fund misuse during President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration, take their oath at the start of Wednesday’s Senate hearing. They are, from left, Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian, Msgr. David William Antonio (representing Most Rev. Ernesto Salgado), Bishop Rodolfo Beltran, Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, Archbishop Romulo Valles and Most Rev. Martin Jumoad. PHOTO BY LYN RILLON

So it happened yesterday. The Bishops who were involved in the inaccurately-called Pajero Bishops faced the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee yesterday morning.

I was on the road with my grandmother during the senate hearing so I was not able to watch the whole proceeding. But thanks to Birthday Boy Manny V. Pangilinan’s TV-5’s 92.3 News FM, I was able to listen to the senate committee proceedings.

Sayang. I was at the Senate (at the Senator Pecson room in particular) last Tuesday for the Technical Working Group of the Sustainable Forest Management Act sponsored by Sen. Miguel Zubiri. Had the Senate Blue Ribbon hearing happened last Tuesday, I will be able to catch a glimpse of my Lolo Bishops (and makemano and introduce myself as one of their seminarians).

During the proceedings, I was enthusiastically voicing out my thoughts on Twitter and exchanging opinion with my former Political science professor, my former roommate, and people whom I look up to on the cyber world.

As expected (or was I the only one who expected this?), the Senators were calm on asking the bishops. The Philippine Daily Inquirer, in their news today, described it as a “reverential treatment”. The only exciting part yesterday was when PCSO Chair Margie Juico was booed on the mistake of calling the Prelates Pajero Bishops when there was actually no Pajeros involved.

As usual, the critics of the CBCP (mostly RH advocates and who describe the Bishops as corrupt Damasos mingling with State-affairs) were storming the social media (Twitter and Facebook), expressing their disgust on the proceedings. Some said that the Senators appeared to be “too afraid” and “protective” of the Bishops. Others were bitin and did not see a tension-filled exchange of words on the session hall. While some describe the Senators as ass kissers of the Bishops.

I respect their opinion and protest. They are free to do that. Personally, I was alsobitin yesterday on the appearance of the Bishops. But the moment they started name calling and other indecent words to describe the Senators and the Bishops, that is just so immature and unbecoming.

Here’s the thing: What more can be said by the Bishops? They have stated and explained their side. It is now up to the lawmakers and the law-enforcing body of our country to do their job. It is now up to the PCSO to explain their mess. After all, they are the ones who gave these vehicles to these needy Prelates. If it is found out that these bishops have violated the law, then in the light of truth and justice that they will be penalized, so be it. but don’t shove in my face that thewhole Catholic Church (including her faithful) and all the Bishops are corrupt and are involved with this mess. It is unfair and illogical.

I am sorry for the rant. Even though I am a devout Catholic, a seminarian, and a Prayle-wannabe, I am not defending the Bishops. I just looking at things at a bigger and fair perspective.

And speaking of the bigger perspective, may we know who is the bigger fish behind this mess? In a Senate Hearing earlier this morning, former PCSO General Manager Rosario Uriarte repeatedly invoke her right against self-incrimination (which reminds me of General Ligot).

Who is behind these mess? Who are they protecting? Why not say the name for the benefit of all? Is it possible that the Moled One is behind this mess? Including the controversies on PNP (rubber boats and choppers), AFP (“pabaon”-issue), PAGCOR, etc.

We don’t know. Mahaba-habang inuman pa ‘to. Let’s just wait and see.

But in the event that all these things lead to the Moled One, I only have three words for her:

Ibagsak ang Pandak!

God save and bless this country. Viva Filipinas! Padayon!

(Read more here: Bishops get reverential treatment.)


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