The Curious Case of Lintang Bedol

HE’S LOOKING AT YOU. Former Commission on Elections (Comelec) official Lintang Bedol glances at Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes as he answers questions during a press conference Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at the Comelec office. Bedol, who was allegedly linked to massive election fraud during the 2004 presidential election, surrendered to the authorities on Tuesday. AP

It has come to this. Days after he had an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN Correspondent Anthony “Tonying” Taberna, Lintong Bedol has finally surrendered to authorities and is now, according to him, ready to face the charges against him and to divulge the truth on the rigged 2007 election results.

Now that Attorney Bedol has come out, will the truth be finally out? Will justice be served? Will those who seek the truth be finally able to find it? Will those who betrayed the people, manipulated the results, and blatantly disrespected the electoral process be persecuted and incarcerated? And will history once and for all be corrected?

Four years ago, Lintang Bedol went into hiding after snubbing the Comelec’s summonses over allegations of poll fraud. He is now facing a six-month jail term after the poll body convicted him of contempt.

Four years ago, he is perceived by the public as a “fugitive criminal”. But with these turn of events, will he be considered a hero? Will the government consider him to be a state witness against irregularities of the 2007 elections and possibly, pointing out the (Moled) One behind this mess?

Is he a Sinner or a Saint? Okay. That sounds like a GMA-7 afternoon teleserye but I knew you got my point.

Most of us would ask Lintang Bedol, why only now? And what are your motives on resurfacing and turning your back against the former administration? And why is it very timely with Zaldy “Kim Idol” Ampatuan’s retraction and other expose against the Arroyo administration?

If you have noticed, during the past Senate investigations and other exposes, most of the irregularities and mess of the past government agencies and institutions and the men and women behind it are pointing out, in a way, to our beloved former President, Gloria Arroyo.

But personally, my question is, who is behind all these sudden turn of events? Who is manipulating these numerous exposes, betrayals, and shedding of the light of truth? Or, as impossible as it may appear, is it destiny? Is this the proper time for the truth about the stench of the past administration to finally come out of the open?

I am looking for a Darth Sidious here. I think it is possible that, just like in Star Wars, there is someone responsible on manipulating these events for personal gain of power.

Going back, is Lintang Bedol a messiah of this administration? Or just a part of a whole, complicated game plan of someone? I don’t know. Let’s just wait and see.

And as for other whatnots and a little comic relief:

  • Lintang Bedol, clad in a bulletproof vest, was presented to the media yesterday morning but he did not speak nor tell a word to the mediamen except for his “Hello, kamusta kayo lahat” (How are you all?). Seriously, he reminds me of Kris Aquino’s mini-me, her son Bimby. HELLO THERE?!
  • DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima asks: why come out only now? She should sing Bakit ngayon ka lang, dumating sa puso ko.. in the videoke. Yahoo!
  • I wonder why use “Lintang” as a name. That sounds like a leech or lintaBagay naman siguro dahil sa mata ng ilan, para siyang linta na nakakapit sa makapangyarihang tao. Pero dahil wala nang masisipsisip, hayun, bumitaw na. Katulad ng isang linta. Bow. (But seriously, especially my friends and readers from Mindanao, please educate me about the meaning of Lintang. Thank you)
  • Hello Garci? Nasaan na you? I have this gut feeling that you are next. Or better yet, save this country and speak out whatever you know.

It seems like we have more to watch out on this curious case of Lintang Bedol. Let’s just wait and see. And I hope that the truth and justice will finally be out in the Land of Juan.

There’s still hope for this country. Viva Filipinas! Padayon!

Read more here: 1. Bedol tags 2 Comelec execs in allleged 2007 poll frauds 2. Lintang Bedol Stirs Suspicions


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