Oh Laser!

Kung hindi 'yan laser pointer? Ano yan? Lightsaber?

A story has been circulating around Twitter (and the internet) about a Kuwaiti football fan allegedly pointing a laser pointer at Azklas goalkeeper Neil Etheridge during the Azkals-Kuwait match last Saturday for the second round of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

I was away from the internet for almost a week (though I have been always active on Twitter via SMS tweeting service @tweetitow) so I have no means to confirm the claimMoreso, the image shown on some news programs on television is a little bit pixelated, blurred, and seemingly edited (orphotoshopped, if that is the proper word to describe it).

Earlier this evening, TV-5’s Aksyon website interaksyon.com posted a high-resolution wide shot of the photo courtesy of the Kuwaiti Times. It appears to be fake or edited at first glance but Neil Etheridge’s story, as told on TV-Patrol, that he was actually distracted by a laser pointer is more than enough reason to believe the veracity of the photo.

You may also want to check the comments of some of the netizens on this issue by clicking the photo above. Sometimes, or most of the time, the real fun and and excitement happen on the comment box and not on the news per se.

And as for the usual and other stuff:

  • I was among the few souls who stayed awake during the wee hours of the morning last Sunday to catch the Azkals-Kuwait match. The result may not be worth my puyat but I am still proud of our Philippine Foootball Team.
  • The first half which ended on 1-0 in favor of Kuwait was good. It only shows that we can beat the Kuwaiti team. Sadly, the 40 plus-degree temperature on Kuwait and the exhaustion of our players paved the way for our 3-0 defeat.
  • As expected, there are Pinoys who instantly became instant balimbings and perfect douchebags who instantly criticized and booed the Azkals for their defeat. Welcome to the Philippines!
  • I wonder if alleged Azkals rape victim watched the game last Sunday. but she showed up on The Buzz later that afternoon for an interview with Tito Boy Abunda, What’s her name again? Nah, never mind. Good luck girl.
  • I jokingly asked my friends who will watch the game later on Rizal Stadium to watch out for Kuwait #13 outside the stadium. Ha ha!
  • If this Kuwaiti fan unleashed his laser pointer to distract our goal keeper, friends and fellow countrymen, UNLEASH YOUR LASER SWORD! (Or to my fellow Jedis, ilabas ang mga nakatagong Light Saber!)
  • I hope that it will rain later so as to give us an advantage on these players who are not used on a rainy football match. Yahoo!

I wish our Philippine Football Team the best of luck! The road to Brazil is hard but I believe that we can make it!

Long live the Azkals! Padayon!


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