Yellow Ribbon (Presidential Mix)

Yellow Ribbon (Presidential Mix)

This song is a remix done by DJ MOD (popularly seen on ABS-CBN’s Showtime) of the original song by Tony Orlando and Dawn entitled “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”. A yellow ribbon is a sign a released convict or prisoner requested from his wife or lover to indicate that she would welcome him home.

The yellow ribbon became a popular symbol of Cory Aquino as a symbol of opposition during the Martial Law era when her husband, opposition leader Benigno Aquino, Jr., was shot and killed upon his arrival after a 3-year exile in the United States.image

I first heard this song on Rock Ed Radio’s “Cory Aquino Episode” shortly after her death on August 1, 2009. Gang Badoy and the rest of the team played songs that from the Cory Aquino-era and songs that would remind the Filipino people of her.

The remix, with its catchy tune and different twist, immediately caught my attention and I immediately searched for it on the net. And let me share with you a little background of this song:

Calling upon the talents of Kix of Saia to sing the song, D-Coy and J.O.L.O. to drop a few bars and Pikaso to co-produce the track.

With a gut feeling friday night (July 31, 2009) DJ MOD felt there was a need of urgency to get the song recorded and finished. DCOY and JOLO got into the recording both at PIKASO’s studio, that very same night and got the vocals to DJ MOD.

Once the song was finished,in the early hours of Saturday Morning, DJ MOD got word our Nation’s greatest president had passed. 

Please keep TITA CORY in your prayers and enjoy the song.

Let us remember Tita Cory on her second death anniversary and may we continue to live and value the democracy that she, together with millions of Filipinos, have fought for us.

And let us also pray that she may guide her son, our President Noynoy Aquino, from up there as he lead our country to the Daang Matuwid. Hopefully.

And yeah, her daughter Kris Aquino included. Please guide (and scold) her Tita Cory.

Maraming-maraming salamat po Tita Cory! Viva Filipinas! Padayon!


2 thoughts on “Yellow Ribbon (Presidential Mix)

  1. I opened my email just now and saw this update. For some reason, reading this cheered me up. It’s one of those things that renews your faith and hope in the world. So thank you to you and to Tita Cory. Padayon! 🙂

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