During the onslaught of Tropical Storm Juaning in Albay, 12-year-old Janella Lelis braves the flood to save a Philippine flag Francisco Pena Lozano

A few days ago, I posted a blog entry about our slain and decapitated soldiersin Sulu after their clash with the Abu Sayyafs and how I admire their courage and love for our country. We are all called to be a bayani even in our own, small, little ways and one of which is to respect and give honor to our flag.

And this young girl on the photo did more than that. She braved the flood during the height of Tropical Storm Juaning to save a Philippine flag.

I watched the evening news earlier and it saddened me learning that their house and all their stuff were all wiped out by the raging flood. She and her family are now homeless and are temporarily living with a relative.

She was not able to save their house and all their stuff, but she was able to save our flag, our country’s symbol, from the flood. How sweet was that? I admire you Janella. You are indeed a hero.

I just hope that there are still other Janellas among our youngsters today. I hope that the spirit of patriotism is still burning in the hearts of Filipinos today. It’s just sad to hear people who have forgotten our national anthem after finishing school (or even in College where the flag ceremonies are seldom done). Or to see people, especially in the malls, not pausing and giving respect whenever the national anthem is played. Or people who just treat our flag as an ordinary piece of cloth.

How about you? How far will you go for our country?

Viva Filipinas! Padayon!

Elsewhere: Bata, lumusong sa baha para isalba ang Philippine Flag (video)


4 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. Honestly nung iniinterview yung kuya at yang bata, napag utusan lang yang bata. no patriotism there.

    pero tama kayo dramatic talaga yung picture pero that’s it.

  2. I think the photo is edited! Look closely.

    Apparently it is raining in the photo. So, the flag should be naturally wet. A wet flag cannot flutter or fly like that unless there’s a category 5 storm.

  3. @renzo: following an errand may seem unpatriotic in itself, but following an errand to get the Philippine Flag under a storm is something else. Let’s give the girl the credit she deserves.

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