Infographics: How Big is the Agusan Monster Crocodile?

Agusan del Sur’s monster crocodile became an instant celebrity (and internet sensation) over the past days mainly because it is said to be the largest saltwater crocodile ever caught in the wild.

I have been always wondering how big the crocodile is. I need to have an infographic of a reference point to compare the crocodile with other common things.

Now thanks to’s infographic, I am enlightened.

And as for the usual and other stuff for the Republic:

  • Agusan Del Sur’s monster crocodile is 21 foot long and is said to be the largest and longest in the world. I wonder where the shortest crocodile is. Wait, what is the height of our former President?
  • TV-5 and Direk Carlo J. Caparas should hire this croc as a substitute for their CGI-croc Bangis. 
  • The local government of Bunawan, Agusan del Norte is planning to make megacroc a tourist attraction. I wonder if the Quezon City government is planning to do the same with the huge building at Batasan Hills.
  • I wonder how these crocodiles would react if they can speak out how they were being compared to Pinoy Politicians (I was seriously considering writing a piece entiltled A Crocodile Monologue.).

Protect our species. Protect our environment. Have a blessed Thursday everyone!



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