Eight months ago, I lamented Ebe Dancel’s departure on Sugarfree. His tweet came both as a surprise and a puzzle to all the Sugarfree fans. During that time, it was still uncertain if the band would still continue with its remaining members Jal Taguibao and Kaka Quisumbing or if Ebe Dancel would pursue a solo career.

Sugarfree is one of my favorite bands. They were with me during my struggling years as a student. Their songs were my theme songs of living, heartbreaks, and growing up. Their breakup would be like a loss of something special to me.

Fast forward to March 1, 2011, at the Eastwood Central Plaza, they finally bid us goodbye on their Paalam Pilipinas concert. That was the end of an era and at the same time, a beginning of something new for music fans.

Last August 1, five months after Sugarfree’s farewell concert, Ebe Dancel released Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig, his debut album as a solo artist. For a limited period of time, the album is available on a 2-CD release.


The album’s carrier single is Muli. Personally, I love the music video’s catchy Source Code-ish concept and the lovely and beautiful leading lady. I don’t know if I am being subjective but I think Ebe’s latest single (together with his songIkaw ang Aking Tahanan on the Rock Rizal compilation) is different from other Sugarfree songs he made with Kaka, Mitch, and Jal. I have yet to listen to his album (Blame my personal financial crisis. And I don’t want to freakin’ illegally download the album.) so I might be wrong.

And yes, I am encouraging you to buy the original, most especially the works of our local artists. We do not want to see them selling kuwek kuwek for a living because they got bankrupt because of piracy. Let us buy the original so they can create good music. It’s justice and mutualism for cryin’ out loud! So let’s do our part, shall we?

We may never see the trio perform together again but with Ebe Dancel’sressurection on the music scene, I am optimistic that Kaka and Jal will do the same. I have repeatedly preached in the past that the band is bigger than any of its member. Ebe Dancel may be the chief songwriter of the trio but I think Jal and Kaka are also equally talented as Ebe. Kaka and Jal created the less popular but equally good tracks such as Martir, Patawad, Get Over It, Where do we Go?, and Form Factor .

Ebe Dancel has released his debut album and has returned to the music industry. I am still patiently waiting for my other heroes Kaka Quisumbing and Jal Taguibao to do the same.

And, I know this may sound impossible, but I want to see Sugarfree perform together again. Who knows? The Eraserheads reunion is said to be too impossible to make but it happened, right?

Ang gusto ko lamang ay muling makita sina Ebe, Jal, Kaka, at Mitch na tumutugtog sa isang entablado.



One thought on ““Muli”

  1. Basta yung mga tagalog compositions husay talaga ni Ebe. Nalungkot talaga ako dito nung farewell na nila. . .pero who knows nga. Madami na ring banda ang nawala pero nagreunite uli. Nakakamiss lang. . .

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