“Perfect Breasts”

Call me a loser but I have only watched this video just now. Had I not lurked at TV-5’s Interaksyonwebsite, I would have not discovered this hilarious TV commercial of the self-proclaimed pambansang litsong manok Andok’s (of course, Mang InasalSr. PedroBaliwag and my favorite Chooks to Go would contest the title but let’s just leave them with their delicious competition).

While the verdict is still out whether or not Andok’s latest series of commercials would rev up its sales (which was so quickly overshadowed by the juggernaut that is ‘Mang Inasal’), what is certain is that these are some of the funniest (and wittiest) in recent memory.

Part indie, part flight of fancy, Andok’s “Perfect Breast” two-minute commercial is a sleeper hit online and probably the breast, este, the best in the trilogy of chicken commercials. Check out how the hero’s addiction with breast has turned his life upside down. This is certainly one breast exposure we can’t get enough of.

The two other chicken commercials, Wings and Palong are both equally funny but this stood out among the three. It’s funny. It’s catchy. And it’s creepy.

I will never look at Andok’s chicken the same way again.


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