It has been exactly a year since a good friend left me. He was my companion during those years when I dreamt and learned to smash the guitar, wreaked the piano, pounded the drums, and screamed on the top of my lungs in the tune of my favorite anthems.

He said his goodbye at around midnight of this date last year. With his demise, the Philippine airwaves was changed forever. And he brought with him my otherkabarkadas. No more Rock Ed Radio. No more In The Raw. No more Stairway to Seven. No more forty-minute rockathon.

It was this time last year when NU 107 said his last goodbye.


Most of us who cared stayed with our friend during his last, dying hours. We had the chance to say our last goodbyes before his death at midnight.


One of our friend’s fathers, Chris “Cris Cruise” Hermosisima was the last one to speak to the microphone and utter the now famous last words of our friend.

“So let’s do this for the last time. It’s a minute before 12. NU107 is DWNU FM at 107 dot 5 megahertz in Pasig, once the loudest and proudest member of the KBP. This has been NU107, the Philippines’ one and only Home of NU Rock. This is NU107. We are signing off.”

And after those words, “Ang Huling El Bimbo” by the Eraserheads was played for the last time, signalling the death of an institution, an end of an era.

Outside the station, hundreds of fans were gathered, candles in their hands, mourning the death of a friend. And I am sure that thousand others, including me, were tuned in on radio and the live stream on the internet to send the station off.

So long NU 107! You have played an important part in building the music scene in this country. You have helped the music of the aspiring musicians to be heard. You have served us well.

RIP Home of Nu Rock. Return if Possible. And on the same frequency please.

Because it still a pain in my ear to hear a hypnotic Win Radio! Win Radio! Win Radio! on the 107.5 MHZ frequency.


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