Nowhere to Hide

The news did not come as a surprise. It is somehow expected on the Administration who repeatedly bashed and blamed the previous Administration on the situation of our country today. Most of us who want the Arroyos prosecuted (and somehow persecuted) were relieved to know that Secretary Leila De Lima of the Department of Justice rejected the petition of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to seek medical treatment abroad. Citing Gloria Arroyo’s condition as “not life threatening”, De Lima announced her decision earlier this afternoon.

As expected, Gloria Arroyo’s fat knight in shining armor, her husband Attorney Mike Arroyo, came to the rescue. He separately filed a petition to the Supreme Court to declare De Lima’s orders unconstitutional.

He cited the Article III Section 6 of the 1987 Constitution guaranteeing the “liberty of travel”. But De Lima said that “An individual’s right to travel is not absolute, taken against the interest of the state that the process will be derailed because of the sudden absence of a respondent in a criminal case”.

Attached to the petition filed at the Supreme court are the photos above showing the former President’s condition wearing a 3-kilo collar brace (above) and a minerva vest (below).

With all these drama and circus about Gloria Arroyo, let me share with you my thoughts and other stuff.

  • As much as I pity the former President on her condition (provided that is is real), I cannot blame the Aquino Administration for not allowing her to leave the country. She must face the court (and the consequences of her actions). You cannot just leave the country (Plus the face that some of her destination countries have no extradition treaty with the Philippines. We cannot allow another Ramona Bautista here. And her cases are far worst than Ramona’s.)
  • Speaking of, I have this feeling that Gloria Arroyo envies Ramona Bautista. Or her critic Panfilo Lacson who also left the country to hide (even before the charges were filed against him).
  • Look closely at the second photo, can you feel the agony and sincerity in her eyes? Or is it deceiving?
  • Our country has transformed into a nation who love photoshopped memes. First, there was the DPWHere. Then the Hollywood-like sign at Taal Volcano. And now, the Gloria Arroyo creepy memes. Welcome to the Philippines!
  • As much as most of us hate her, let us all hope and continue to pray that our former President recover soon. We need her alive! 

Photo Source: TV-5’s Jove Francisco’s Facebook Account

Stop watching fabricated facts on YouTube. Read the news here:


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