An Eargasmic Juggernaut Music

If I were to give an Eargasmic Album of the Year award, it would be Patience Dear Juggernaut’s debut release Girl the Impaler. NU 107 is long dead (368 days is long, right?) so I might as well do my own Rock Awards this year.

Wait, who the hell is Patient Dear Juggernaut? Some of you may ask. Let me do the honors of introducing him to you, thanks to the artist’s Facebook Page:

Patience Dear Juggernaut is the solo project of Manila-based songwriter and filmmaker Cameron Aquino (AKA Wincy Ong), who writes, composes and plays the music for all of his songs. Cameron Aquino was a former guitarist of the indie band Narda and is the guitarist-keyboardist of Us-2 Evil-0.

The artist’s style can be characterized by ‘60s style harmony vocals, psychedelic chord progressions, robotic beeps and bleats, and progressive song structures, while his lyrical style leans towards the Dionysian and the absurd.

The other night, I saw a post from CJ De Silva’s Tumblr page (we used to know her then as the Promil Kid with an awesome drawing skills. And yeah, I envied her for that.) about an illustration inspired by Patience Dear Juggernaut’s songs. And it included a Bandcamp link where one can listen to all of the songs. I immediately checked its Facebook page and lo and behold, the album can be downloaded for FREE! If there is one thing wonderful in this cyber world aside from downloaded movies, that would be free music so that’s something to be celebrated, right? (I checked the page earlier this morning and I was surprised that they are charging 5 Dollars for the album. I wonder why.)

I first discovered Patience Dear Juggernaut on one of Lilystars Records posts before. Being a fan of bands under their roster of artists and other similar acts like Your Imaginary Friends, The Camerawalls, A Gentle Isolation, National ExpressOuterhope, Us-2 Evil-0, Everything Gone Green, That Lingering Feeling, and other artists included in the Filipino Indie Pop Scene compilations, I immediately binged (uh, pardon the word) its music. And I was not disappointed.

The opening track Beta Male is enough for one to immediately like (and dance to) the album. It showcases Wincy Ong’s commendable poetry backed with an upbeat tune. Other notable tracks on the album are Art School Lover (Death to Ordinary Girls) and Ellen. But you have to listen the the whole album because I guarantee that every song is a sweet tune to the ear.

Being an indie pop aficionado, you may judge me as bias for giving a two-thumbs-and-toes-up for this album. If there is one thing I love about indie pop music, it is the ability to give us music with killer melodies, sweet vocals, andbetter poetry.

This album deserves to be in your playlist. I recommend this on your car’s music box and iPods because this is a perfect music for long travels and unforgiving traffic conditions. Or just listen to it whenever you feel like relaxing. Or having a good time. Or being alone with nature.

Now where’s my piano? I must learn to play these songs.



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