The Battle for Renato’s Corona

Today, we make history.

After former President Joseph Estrada’s impeachment trial in 2000-2001 and the it’s-almost-an-impeachment-trial for (Former) Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez last year, another impeachable official is set to be impeach.

This time, in the person of the highest official of the Judiciary Department – the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Renato Corona. This is a battle whether he will keep his corona as the country’s Chief Justice or not. This is the battle for Renato’s crown.

As an impeachment primer, I watched last night’s Cheche Lazaro Presents: Impeachment on ABS-CBN. In that documentary, it featured the history of impeachment trial from former president Joseph Estrada up to the cases against Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Estrada was not impeached. Instead, he was forced to step down from the office. Merceditas Gutierrez resigned as Ombudsman before the trial started. And, if things go as planned, this is the first time when we will witness afull impeachment trial.

One of the things that left me a huge question mark on the Chief Justice’s – and probably the whole Supreme Court’s – credibility was when Maritess Vitug, author of the controversial book Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court, divulged items about the dark, hidden parts (and proceedings) in the Supreme Court. (I seriously want a copy of that book but I can’t find any here in the Laguna-Batangas area.)

After watching Cheche Lazaro’s documentary last night, I know only of one thing: It’s possible. Chief Justice Renato Corona may be guilty of the offense hurled against him.

From the flip-flop decisions of the Supreme Court, the seemingly alliance andspecial favor for Former President Gloria Arroyo, the alleged unexplained wealth, to his controversial last-minute appointment, he has a lot to explain.

I am not saying that he is guilty of the crime. There’s a proper venue to prove (or disprove) that, thanks to our democracy and Constitution – the impeachment court.

Today, we make history. Today is the first day of Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment trial. And these are my personal opinion on the historical trial:

  • I hope the Senate and the Senators will be fair enough on this trial. Not only for the filipino people. Not only for Renato corona. But for the truth to come out.
  • Unlike the Estrada impeachment trial where Chief Justice Hilario Davide acted as the judge, this time, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile will be the one. It’s gonna be Manong Johnny “Gusto ko Hapy Ka” Enrile! In times like this, we really need an elder, an ancient, a veteran to help us find the truth. I just hope that he will not look like Palpatine/Darth Sidious when he got mad at the hearing for I will surely laugh my ass out (“The Dark Side of The force is strong with you!”).
  • During the Estrada trial, one of the most memorable line was Emma Lim’s “Uminom po. Hindi po kinakain yung iced tea” to Estelito Mendoza. I am looking forward to some “light moments” during the trial.
  • I am excited for Senator Lito Lapid on the impeachment trial. ‘Nuff said.
  • Is it just me or there is really a resemblance between Atty. Estelito Mendoza and former Associate Justice Serafin Cuevas? Is it their forehead? Their hair line? (Not only physically but intelectually. Estelito Mendoza was the brightest defender of Estrada during his trial. and, it may appear that serafin cuevas is Corona’s mightiest super hero on today’s trial.)
  • I admire Corona’s coolness earlier at the senate. Despite Prosecutor Niel Tupas’ statement against him, he remain calm. And poker face.
  • During the first impeachment trial in the country, Senator Enrile was there. today, he is still here. Will he still be on the third trial if ever?
  • If you were aware enough back in 2001 to watch the Estrada trial, you may notice that some of the Senator Judges are still on their seat as a Senator. Or, in some cases, their sons or daughter are present. (Destiny or dynasty?)
  • I learned last night that the other term for the Justices of the Supreme Court are the “Gods of Padre Faura”. (If that’s the case, wow! I have a God brod.)

The impeachment trial has started. And there’s more to what I’ve said on Twitter, this is just the season 1 episode 1 of the Corona Drama.

And in the event that the Chief Justice is impeached – or steps down from the office – let us all keep an eye on our President on who he will pick as the next Chief Justice. We do not want an administration who has a sole power/ influence on the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary Departments.

After all, this is for the people of our country.

Let the truth and justice prevail on this impeachment trial.

Viva Filipinas! Vaya con Dios! Padayon!

P.S. I chose the front page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer because the image includes all of the ingredients on today’s historical trial – The Senator Judges, Chief Justice Renato Corona, the Prosecution Team, and the Defense Team.



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