What’s wrong with this photo?

Take a closer look at the photo above. You will see a man wearing a blue polo browsing (and allegedly buying) over a stash of pirated DVDs.

So what’s wrong? Almost everyone of us are guilty of this act. I am sure that most of us have visited our suking manong dibidi to look for and buy copies of our favorite TV Shows, movies, concerts, and albums (before the advent of torrents, I presume). Though we all know piracy is the cause of the loss of profit of the music and movie industry, most of us still patronize this cheaper and alternative way of entertainment.

Going back to the photo, take a look again. Do you recognize that man? Just a few months ago, he was at the headlines of broadsheets and news programs after his Mistubishi Montero, then being used by two of his security aides, figured in an accident on Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City—and yielded a Czech-made CZ-858 Tactical semiautomatic assault rifle in the ensuing police investigation(source).

The man above is Rolando Llamas, Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs. Yes my dear reader, he is a member of President Noynoy Aquino’s Cabinet. The report says that he bought Php 2,000 worth of Pirated DVDs at Circle C Mall in Congressional Avenue, Quezon City, on Monday night.

A government official, who is suppose to lead the people on the campaign against piracy (don’t give me an excuse that piracy is not your Department’s work), is seen buying pirated stuff. Classic.

I am not saying that Mister Llamas should be condemned for buying pirated DVDs (the law, unfortunately, has no provision to penalize the buyer). And we still have to listen at Mister Llamas’ side whether he actually purchased pirated DVDs or not. But I believe in leadership by example, he should have avoided that place – or doing that act – in the first place.

What would Noynoy Aquino do? Will he reprimand, or sack, his political adviser? But Roland Llamas is also one of the shooting buddies of the President.

So much for the daang matuwid.

Read more here: Aquino’s Man no Poster Boy for Anti-Piracy Drive


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