“To Infinity and Beyond!”

Most people today are either celebrating Valentine’s Day or being a jerk thinking about how pathetic their being single is. Or having a genital wars in some branch of Sogo (So clean, So good). I was suppose to write something about Valentine’s Day today but because of the gloomy weather, nothing special, extraordinary, or Valentine-related stuff happened to me the whole day. And it’s too mainstream. So I decided to write about another significant event of today:

Manong Johnny Enrile’s 88th birthday. Yes, eighty-eight. Double infinity as some would say.

Back when I was a young little kid, I see to it that I always watch the evening news with my parents/ grandparents. Through that, I became familiar with current events and the different personalities from politics, sports, and entertainment. I may have not memorized all of the politician’s names but there is always one who I always remember – Enrile. Juan Ponce Enrile.

As I grow older and into maturity (hopefully), I indulged myself more in the matters of history, politics, society, government, and current events. And  I can still hear Manong Johny Enrile’s name every now and then. He is always there. Or should I say, he must be always there.

Time passed by and as we both grow older – me in my late teenage years and he, in his seemingly emergence into immortality – I got to know him more by reading history and news stuff related to his life. And he became one of my favorite law makers.

Perhaps he is best known to this generation as the Senator who wishes us to be happy. His “Gusto Ko Happy Ka” (I want you to be happy) campaign slogan in the 2010 elections made him won the hearts of the youth and the generation who were not yet born during the dark ages of our history – where he also played an important role.

I have been reading Manong Johnny Enrile-related news items the whole evening on the internet and I came across this article fromInteraksyon.com that summarizes the man’s legacy:

Juan Ponce Enrile has seen, in 88 full years, the highs and lows, the tragedies and triumphs, countless political seasons, of the country. He not only lived through most of them, but also at every turn played a key role. The remarkable journey made his birthday, at the helm of a historic trial, so much more pregnant with meaning. Having been born in on the day of hearts, it seemed fitting he remained, eight decades after, still very much at home in the heart of history.

Eighty-eight years. For some, it is the age of retirement. A time to spend your last remaining years on this planet with your loved ones. And a bonus age for most of us. but Manong Johnny Enrile just keeps on going and it looks like he has no plan to stop as long as he is able to do his duty. He is the perfect example of the Filipino saying about being hrdworking, ‘Kalabaw lang ang tumatanda’.

Eighty-eight years. One is considered an immortal if his works and legacy continue to inspire and move others even after his death. But Manong is still alive and is continuously doing things for the future of this country.

Eighty-eight years. Just like his birthday wish, I wish him stamina to perform his duties well. Will he live until the 2016 elections and be our next leader? What’s wrong with a 92-year old leader?

Isa kang alamat Manong Johnny. Maligayang ika-walumpu’t walong kaarawan! At sa puntong ito, gusto ko, happy ka!

Photo Above: Senate President and presiding officer Juan Ponce Enrile is amused as Senate reporters present him with a cake with a miniature image of the impeachment court on his 88th birthday on Tuesday, before the start of the impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice Renato Corona. (via ABS-CBNnews.com)



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