“Nanginginig na mga kamay. Ang puso kong hindi mapalagay. Puwede ba kitang tabihan? Kahit na may iba ka nang kasama..”

It’s prom season once again. They say that this is the most anticipated event in one’s high school life. A night of fun, glamour, good memories, and an unforgettable moment for teenage first love.

This is not a story for me to tell. I never had a chance to attend a Junior-Senior Promenade. I studied in an exclusive school for boys in High School.  And during my senior year, when we cross-enrolled at a nearby coed Catholic school, I was not able to attend the graduation ball (the nuns replaced the JS Prom with it for some reasons) because I was busy preparing for college then (nuks).

“Ito na ang gabing di malilimutan..”

Last Friday was a busy day for the parloristas here in Los Baños. Almost all high schools inside the UPLB Campus were having their JS Prom. And for my younger sister who is a junior in high school, that night was surely a memorable one.

She’s the family’s unica hija and the first among the siblings who will attend the JS Prom (My brother and I studied at the same high school.). So you can imagine how my parents, especially my Nanay, prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Days before the Prom, I ask her if she has already a date/partner for that night. She said yes but she won’t give us his name. My Nanay, with her awesome cyber esponage skills, managed to look for the guy and we found out that he’s nice. I jokingly told my sister that I’m gonna bring my zombie apocalypse kit on the night of her Prom just in case the guy mess up.

My sister was fetched in our house and went to the Prom with her barkada (not her date. Good for the guy, haha!). We basically let her do what she wanted on that special day. She went to the Prom while my Parents and I went to the muddy UPLB Feb Fair.

“Parang atin ang gabi. Para bang wala tayong katabi. Nang tayo’y sumayaw na parang di na tayo bibitaw..”

They say that high school is the happiest stage of one’s life (though there are some who would beg to differ). Even Sharon Cuneta immortalized the tears and laughter of high school with the song High School Life. This is the stage of one’s formation, transformation, and self-discovery.

I may have not experienced Prom but let me share with you some of my a priori thoughts on it. Enjoy every single moment of it. It only happens once or twice in one’s life time. It is also training ground for a bigger world after school. It is where you learn etiquette, decorum, and where you test your self-esteem ad self-confidence (by asking someone to be her date and not being a wallflower during the dance).

I know that there are more knowledgeable and credible persons out there to talk about this but what I only have here is a small story and a good music to share.

When I first heard this song by Sugarfree (with the Manila Syphony Orchestra), I was instantly amused by the David Pomeranz-penned King and Queen of Hearts introduction (a classic Prom song) before hitting the first drum beats and notes of one of the group’s famous anthems.

How was your prom? Is it nostalgic or a horror? And for the younglings reading my blog, are you excited to have one? I hope this song by Sugarfree help you reminisce on this cold, rainy weather.

Maraming salamat Ebe Dancel, Sugarfree, at Manila Symphony Orchestra sa napakahusay na awiting ito.


Photo Above: My sister and I minutes before she went to the Prom. And please excuse my ‘beer barrel belly’. Thank you very much.


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