Blue Moon (Unreleased Original Take) – Orange and Lemons/Clementine Blue Moon – Orange & Lemons (Original Take) by Dragonfly Collector

When I first heard the Orange and Lemons’ songJust Like a Splendid Love Song on Jam 88.3 sometime during my early years in College, I thought it was song from a British group. I immediately fell in love with it and I thought of searching the group online and digging their other music. I was surprised to learn that the song was already two years old and it was from the Filipino group Orange and Lemons which was then rapidly climbing the steps of mainstream popularity with their infectious hit Hanggang Kailan dominating the airwaves.

And just like any other music lovers during the so-called Golden Age of OPM after the nineties, I immediately became a fan of the group. They continue to release other hits such as Heaven Knows (This Angel has Flown), Lihim, Pinoy Ako, and Blue Moon which was used as the soundtrack of the movie of the same title. But all things, even the good ones, must come to an end. Shortly after the release of their third album Moonlane Gardens (which, in my opinion, the best Orange and Lemons album among the three), the group disbanded and formed other bands. Mcoy Fundales and the Del Mundo brothers formedKenyo while Clementine Castro formed The Camerawalls with the original OnL bassist Law Santiago.

I have always idolized Clementine since the Orange and Lemons days, especially on the album Moonlane Gardens where he penned most of the songs. He’s a musical prodigy and he’s got good taste on music. Actually, music-wise, he influenced me more than any other musicians. I owe my love for Indie and British Pop to him.


I tried to give the other three OnL members a chance on my eardrums but they have failed me on their Radiosurfing and Maharlika albums. Those albums, in my opinion, are no match against The Camerawalls’ Pocket Guide to the Otherworld and Bread and Circuses.

Last night, while waiting for Kara David’s i-Witness documentary, I stumbled upon Clementine’s Facebook post (A link of his blog, Musings of a Commoner) about the original recording of one of the famous OnL hits, Blue Moon. Alongside with an excerpt of the song, he wrote a brief description of the song and how the client (the film outfit) removed him from the vocals and preferred the version that we know today.

Most of us have heard the Mcoy Fundales-voiced Blue Moon and his version was good, catchy, dance-able, and the typical Orange and Lemons style that the general public loved. But as much as I respect Mcoy as a musician, I find Clementine’s version better. Though I am a big fan of the combination of Mcoy and Clem (they got one of the perfect vocal blending among the local bands), I find the latter’s voice more soothing, subtle, and good for my ears. (If you have heard the Clementine-voiced OnL songs such as Armageddon is Coming to Town, Pabango ng ‘yong Mata, Hey Please, and Let Me, then you know what I mean.) It has also a catchy Beatle-ish beat which was lacking on the popular version.

I hate doing comparisons among artists but I choose which music is more suitable to my ear and my taste. And Clementine obviously has got it. After hearing the version above, which do you prefer? the popular version or this one? You may choose what you want but the bottom line is, let us keep the music alive. Let us keep the OPM flame burning. Support our local artists.

A great artist may only appear once in a blue moon. But just like looking at the blue moon, listening to their works will be worth the wait. Padayon!

Photo Courtesy of Clementine Castro’s Facebook page.



6 thoughts on “Blue Moon (Unreleased Original Take) – Orange and Lemons/Clementine

  1. Aside from the fact that you are a very good writer (because I am an amateur), you definitely made me finish reading this blog post. Well because I am the queen of reading stories that have good titles but they’re all left hanging in the end – maybe because I just get bored of their stories. But because you have good taste in music, I find the story interesting. Mabuhay OPM and great music!

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