Cradle of Noble Heroes (‘Duyan ka ng Magiting’)

It may look like real bloodstains on the front page of today’s issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer but no, they are not.This is the broadsheet’s way of saluting the heroes who offered their lives for the freedom of our country.

They further explained this catchy way of expressing their advocacy when I opened the broadsheet and opened the real front page.

Filipinos have made the ultimate sacrifice to win and protect the freedom we now enjoy. Let us continue to uphold it with brave, responsible journalism.

I first saw the image of this front page from ABS-CBN’s Niko Baua’s tweet earlier this morning. And because I am fond of memorable and artistic front pages and covers, I immediately went to the public market and grabbed myself a copy.

But this was not the first instance that the Inquirer did this Independence Day gimmick. Last year, they created a ‘false cover’ as a statement of press freedom press in lieu of the independence day. [You can check that issue by looking at my last year’s post here.]

Kudos to the Inquirer for your catchy way of showing to the younger generation the meaning of heroism and freedom! Long live our heroes! Long live the Filipino people!


Side notes and other stuff:

  • Today is the 114th Independence Day of the Philippines. Let us thank our heroes and forefathers who fought for the freedom that we are enjoying today. (Special mention to my wasak na wasak idols Juan Luna and Graciano Lopez-Jaena. Tagay sa langit – o kung saan man – mga pare! and to the macho guwapito Gregorio del Pilar.)
  • Much has been written about the celebration and non-celebration of the Philippine Independence today. Some are jubilant, others are apathetic. There are those who care for its essence and there are those who care for the holiday. You may not feel it, you may not celebrate it, or you may not care for it, but you are still one of the beneficiaries of the victory of the war of our fathers. Smile. And be thankful even just for today.
  • Rp612Fic 2012 (#RP612fic) – If you are following some of our local journalists, bloggers, and policy makers on Twitter, then you may have seen this hashtag (But I guess not since you are busy kissing the ass of the Twitter famewhores and sucking the updates of Pinoy Big Brother). It’s the project of the blog For today’e celebration, they have come up with tweets of alternate history stories (Most tweets are funny, entertaining, and out-of-this-world!). I am inviting you to join the conversation, stretch your creativity and imagination, and have a good laugh. I have already made some on my Twitter account, you may want to check it out.
  • Lupang Hinirang: The Philippine National Anthem Animation for Independence Day 2012(Animated by Arnold Arre and performed by Radioactive Sago Project) – NHCP and RockEd Radio’s gift for the Filipino people to mark our 114th independence day. This is probably the best music video of our national anthem that I have seen – no self-gratifying politicians; no artistas who do not memorize the lyrics of the song. Just pure artistry and music. Check it out!
  • I have already written and said this last year but let me repeat again:  We are celebrating independence day but I believe that we are not really that free. Press people are killed and information are kept hidden. Support the Freedom of Information Act! Pass the Freedom of Information Bill. NOW!

I suck at concluding my posts and articles so let me just share my favorite line from my favorite Sugarfree song, Los Baños:

Kalayaan sa ating lahat!


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